Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse confirm signing

Eric Gales: Signed Magneto Sonnet Guitar in Retro Candy Red

Marco Sfogli,Alex Argento: are on Google Plus

Tony MacAlpine,Damir Simic: live at the whiskey - great live series

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: La Villa Strangiato at Pinkpop 1979

Guthrie Govan: Live at İstanbul 2011

Gretchen Menn: promoting new guitar school in San Francisco

Marco Sfogli: Impro at night - Caution jaw dropping content

Greg Howe: even further back in time

Richie Kotzen: Acoustic Cuts Demo

Greg Howe: improv in time

Tony MacAlpine: Rare video in G I T 1986

Shotaro Nakamura: From Hell With Love

Theodore Ziras: Monster 5 New CD coming

Jim Matheos,Frank Aresti: Arch / Matheos

John Norum: Europe confirm their next studio album,

Joop Wolters: to teach at Music schools

Alberto Rigoni,Simone Vignola: the BASStards

Franck Ribiere,Guthrie Govan: Karmattitude to interview guthrie

Andrea Accorsi: Greg Howe cover