Peter Luha: classy classical idea in G

Kimberly Allison: ripping jazz, rock and blues!

Ben Levin: working on the cycle of success - an insight

Morten Faerestrand: Composing, step by step, pt.2

Eric Calderone: Super Bass by Nicki Minaj Meets Metal

Victor Santiago Gomez: Centrifugal Funk

Krisztian Lovrek: the new face of the Marshall in Hungary

Chris Brooks: The Axis of All Things sounding great

News: OVERLOUD TH2 GIVEAWAY CONTEST - extended date!

Maranhão: iphone application

Andy James: NAMM 2011 - picking overloaded!

Ethan Brosh: NAMM 2011

Desiree Bassett,Annie Grunwald: duets

Eric Gales: Little Wing, Don't Fear the Reaper NAMM 2011

Elizabeth Schall,Stephanie Pickard: Roland CUBE-80XL demo and NAMM

Jason Becker: rehearsal auctions a chance to see your favourite player up close

Alex Hutchings: Yamaha, Laney Bangkok 2011

Denny Ilett: Free Swing Lesson

Vanny Tonon: Jam Track Central New Talent Showcase