Ben Levin: working on the cycle of success - an insight

I think I understand how to succeed as an artist or musician. There seems to be only one way that works in the absence of being independently connected or wealthy. I believe that the only way to succeed is to truly feel as if you are in the process of succeeding. In other words, the way to succeed is to be successful. I know that sounds like bullshit, but humor me for a minute.

Being a creative person has a cyclical quality to it. First you want to learn, then you feel like you know something, then you realize you don’t and you want to learn again. The same goes for the business end of a career as an artist. First you try something, then you get attention, and then it’s not enough to last so you try something else. I have found this cycle to be comfortable with the music part but unbearable when it comes to the business. I am sick of it and it is making me feel weak. There is so much excitement that leads to nothing, so many empty promises, so many people coming and going, and it really sucks (not to mention I’m just getting started.) But you know what? Tonight right before I wrote this, I realized something that could possibly change the game for me. I think it will help you too. more