David Fiuczynski: fretless Chinese micro-tonalities

Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Atma Anur: Live at Jason Becker Fest

Franck Hermanny: Ibanez Ashula Hybrid fretted/fretless hybrid

Peter Luha: JS Bach Partita and Bouree, great playing.

Si Hayden: Supercharger new CD announced

Franck Hermanny: recording bass for Stéphan Forté

Jeff Loomis: jamming acoustic Fastback Studios in Seattle... obviously a Rush fan too :)

Daniel Peroine: two handed arpeggio sequencing

George Balulis: In My Dreams great cover of the classic Lynch solo

Tony MacAlpine: as Wes Montgomery in "Crazy" (2008)

Joe Satriani: Chickenfoot on the cover of January 2011 Guitar Player