Sarah Longfield: as above so piano

John Petrucci: gives heads up for Andy James,Martin Miller, Andy Wood, Rick Graham and Tom Quayle.

Lou Reed: Europe Summer tour dates

News: Hot pink Ibanez RG1XXV-FPK ( german presentation)

Tom Quayle,Jamie Humphries,Andy James: Lick library lessons

Marcos De Ros: V-pick review. Now with subtitles!

Jake Paland: Tom Kaiser talks about the Duesenberg Rezobro

Ezequiel Rodriguez: Xiquis live - Canary Islands!

Curtis Fornadley, Carl Verheyen: Jerry's Breakdown

Jason Becker: Andy James: gives the reasons for reason for the exclusive live cd

Ioannis Anastassakis: coaching program details

Fred Brum: Jaden Rose Guitars: NAMM 2012

Rocco Pezzin: Plastic Mind Frequencies Djent on Chapman ML2 Custom

Pilho: New years shred off competition 2012

Felix Martin: insane two handed licks NAMM 2012

William Dotto: Etude for touch guitar

Rob Chappers: Stone Valley Redemption

Adrian Galysh: Shred Guitar Made Easy?

Vivian Campbell: Rockers Collective ~ Money

Tom Richardson: Martin Miller - Rock The Funk

Mads Eriksen: Album of the month Guitar Techniques

Enver Izmaylov: Rustem Bari live in blue bay

Guthrie Govan: 'The Late Night Sessions - Series 1'

David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - The Wall Breaking News

Enver Izmailov: set the atavachron to time before

Joe Atlan: one week to go on creative competition

Atma Anur,Florian Hofer: tracking mothership for a new alien invasion

Davide Montorsi: a little jam for lunch with a little tea for two

Jace Parales: quick ascending slide lick

Matt Gabnai: Minotaur Project - progressive original

Lorenzo Venza: smooth ideas over "Footprints"

Rick Graham: noodling for you

Christian Clemente: fluid groove - tone heaven

Vinnie Moore: UFO Guitar World exclusive

Dave Martone, Jared Meeker, German Schauss, Tobias Hurwitz, Glenn Riley: DVD and lesson books

Alex Skolnick: Ten Overlooked, Essential Solos of the '70s

Alex Lifeson: Guitar Player interview from the vault

Tommy Shaw,James Young: Styx new Blu Ray and US tour dates

Allan Holdsworth,Virgil Donati: 45 minutes of Sabian Goodness with creamy legato Holdsworthness NAMM

Richie Kotzen: Question and Answer NAMM

Tosin Abasi,Richard Lainegard,Alex Machacek,Tomo Fujita: 16 minutes of real NAMM goodness

Fred Brum: headless 7-string .strandberg* #22 at NAMM 2012