Lorenzo Venza,Marco Sfogli: Utopia Ice and Knives

Richard Hallebeek, Greg Howe, Lalle Larsson: East Side Bridge - RHPII just got bigger!

Benoît Raby: demos Alto guitar

Rob Chappers, Ben Wilshire, Matt Harnett: stroking the Silverback Amplifier

Jonas Isaksson: Strandberg - Boden headless True Temperament guitar #26

Fabrizio Licciardello: tappy funky to you

Panos Arvanitis: Metal Lead with tab and BT

Ricky Furlani: great touch player, commemorating the day of the Rock.

Julian Sas: extended blues solo Netherlands 2012

Michael Landau, Robben Ford: brothers live 2012

Jasper Verstraaten: strat gets a little midnight blue