Andy James,Chris Cowdry: Metal 5

Fabrizio Licciardello: legato Rock Fusion

Steve Morse: G3 Crocus City Hall, Moscow 2012

Andy James: performance series

Tony Waka: Wylde James

Tosin Abasi: Strandberg headless 8-string EGS

John Browne: Monuments - 8 string guitar play through

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Roland Booth NAMM jam in HD

Allen Hinds: 3D Baked Potato - smoothest fusion on the planet?

Anton Oparin, Bronston Ashford: West L.A Guitar Exhibition

Paul Gilbert: at the button factory

Shawn Lane: official YouTube and Facebook

Andy Timmons,Steve Vai,Paul Gilbert: Paul Gilbert: Ibanez 90th anniversary show

Robert Marcello:Roland GR-55, Boss GT-100 Amp & Effects Processor Pedal

Alex Skolnick: Chuck Billy: The Metal Zone interview with Nikki Blakk

Eddie Van Halen: Aussie tour hits the buffers

Steve Morse: Deep Purple headed for Wacken Open Air festival

Joel Gomes: Immortal riffs!

Eric Calderone: nearly 240,000 subscribers and 32 million video views

Rob Chappers: nearing 50,000 YouTube subscribers!

Chris Storey: Arpeggios sequenced in five note groupings

Tony Bellardi: One Way - solo section live

Enver Izmaylov: Rudolf state Deutschland

Corrado Sgandurra: Monster guitar album on the way

Daniele Gottardo: Altremolecole

Ignazio Di Salvo: Funk Jamming with my first electric guitar

Thomas Lang: Drum camps, Germany, Austria and Finland