John Browne: Monuments - 8 string guitar play through

John Browne, guitarist of Monuments demonstrates how easy it is to track guitars using the Series One 200 emulated output. John Dropped by the office with drum/bass tracks taken from Monuments forthcoming album and recorded guitar tracks for the song 'The Uncollective'

Monuments are an upcoming British band, pioneering the new wave of progressive metal, nicknamed 'djent'. Born from the ashes of breaking UK band FellSilent, guitarist John Browne has developed their signature sound of low drop tunings, staccato rhythms and strong melody with a new group of amazing musicians and are definitely one to watch!

Currenty signed to Basick Records, you will see Monuments on the British 'League of xtraordinary djentlemen' tour alongside Periphery and Tesseract. They are also in the studio, currently completing their debut album.

Blackstar Series One 200 emulated output demo with John Browne of Monuments (8 string guitar!)