Timo Somers: Zylver - A little Lullaby

Jikki: demos the Vox SDC-22

Allen Van Wert: Endless Sacrifice solo - smoking version

Bruno Pinheiro Machado: Recording the next album - tapped rock solo

Frank Gambale: Blues Solo and Jam 2013 NAMM

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013 - classy solo alert!

Daniele Liverani: Dream League Force - performance playthrough

Chris Gordon: heart felt tribute to Chris's late father

Davide Montorsi: Guthrie Govan - Funk Fusion Lick

Marcelo Souza: French Guitar Contest 2 - Brazil!

Dweezil Zappa,Tom Quayle, Chris Buono, David Wallimann, Derryl Gabel,Oz Noy: Dweezilla Bootcamp tutors announced 2013

Danny Bryant: Blues master Dutch CD Release party announced

Louise Maggs: Jazz Noodle with Jess Lewis

Sarah Longfield: Evan Brewer cover

Eric Johnson: UK tour starts tomorrow - tickets available

Christophe Godin: new Jam Track Series coming soon