Kevin Peters: OneThaTaps - Waves Of Shred - classy two handed tapper returns!

Ashley Freeman: Waves of shred Contest - 13 years old

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Luke Jaeger: Fryin' EMG's for Anabolic Salvation,Idiopathic Psychogenesis, Bruxist

Andy James: Custom Metal Series 3 - coming soon!

Guy Elyahu: The Eastern People - song from Guy's upcoming album.

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News: - high-performance Pickup Switch Upgrad

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Oreste Benigno: Prossima Fermata - Torno Con Me - Benefit Concert for Alzheimer's - classy AOR solo

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Gretchen Menn: Joviana Marques captures the spirit of Gretchen from a Peter Jensen photograph

Alejandro Zuleta: Alejozul - Horizons

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