Alex Hutchings: Wimbledon School of Guitar - clinic and live show - tickets still available for this weekend!

Lyle Watt: RUSH - t-shirt.... oooh and New Chapman ML-1

Alek Darson: Waltz Of Titans - Berklee Guitar Night 2013

News: EASTWEST Announces Quantum Leap Stormdrum 3

Vince Bigos: River of Longing - dedicated to Jason Becker

Rick Graham: Bluesy on Red

Davide Montorsi: Illusion solo - Fabrizio Leo tribute

Morten Faerestrand: Carl Martin TOD - Classic Overdrive Pedal

Roman Skorobagatko,Kirill Kozlovskiy: ripping promo original

Roman Skorobagatko: Vinnie Moore - Rain

Claudio Pietronik: Workin' over a drum loop - top rippage alert

Sam Coulson: Modern Rock Soloing jam track package

Marco Iacobini: The Great Rush - Live 2013

Michał Budzisz: The drums were yellow - Allan Holdsworth

Ethan Brosh,Nili Brosh: House of Blues West Hollywood 2013

News: Cort NDX-TF