Igor Selesovsky: Hotel California, Besame Mucho (guitar tapping)

Steve Hackett: Shadow Of The Hierophant 1979

Andy James: time to work on the new solo album... dance and hip hop fusion?

Alejandro Zuleta: Alejozul - Horizons - rock fusion

Sean Hall: Beneath The Solace

Francesco Artusato: of All Shall Perish Ibanez Clinic - series

Oliver Steffen: fusion jam on "Tell me" by Chad Wackerman and Allan Holdsworth.

Ayub Bacchu,Reenat Fauzia: Indian Fusion

Sebastian Zamora: Summer's here... how about an iced Coffee Break

Jake Curran,Colm Lindsay: Fusion Guitar Jam - internet fusion jam sessions - long may they continue

Rob Garland: Modal Jam - Jazz Rock Fusion Improvisation

John Browne,Olly Steele: Monuments - live shows announced

Norifumi Shima: Concerto Moon - Rising East!

Marc Cooper: Canuck delivers some screaming blues

Joe Satriani: Musical Memoir' Due Next April 2014