Kenny Serane: Funk Improvisation - Lâg Arkane

Alessio Rossetti: Secret mirror (Nico Stufano)

Tymon Kruidenier: Exivious and The Circle Pit guitar solo contest

Anouck André: Exivious Guitar Solo contest : Entrust - on fire!

Martin Miller: In The Dead of Night - album outtake

Timo Somers: Vette Shit and Carthagods live in LE PLUG - cool soloing from the rising star!

Christophe Godin,Richard Daudé: announces clinic date - Guitar Academy Nimes

Jakub Żytecki: Ernie Ball - Music Man 7 String

Steeves Hostin: Clouds - A-Sync

Dean Murphy: Godin PLAY THIS AD, AD#1

Robert Culbertson: Bach Invention #4 On The 10 String Acoustic Stick - insanely impressive

Matthew Mills: Carol of The Bells acoustic Guitar

Jack Gardiner: Two Guitar Solos over a Classic Funk/Soul Tune

Steeves Hostin: Lundgren Pickups Endorsement

Eric Calderone: Sword Art Online (Crossing Field) Meets Metal

Kevin Peters: Siberian Solstice - Trinity Lutheran Findley - BumbleBee

News: Orange Amplification Redesign Website

Guthrie Govan: Masterclass Tour Indonesia - December 2013

Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Mike Keneally: The G4 Experience

Carl Mörner Ringström: fine fusion form with a little of the Christmas spirit - Silent Night

Divaldi Addina: Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun - live open air concert performance

Dave Brons: Star - the single from the upcoming album - great original track and promo video

Irene Ketikidi,Theodore Kalantzakos: Parallels the new project set to release new single