Nili Brosh, Laura Klinkert, Irene Ketikidi, Anouck André, Lari Basílio, Gretchen Menn: IWD Jam

Anouck André: Testing out the Ibanez AZ, AMBIENT TONES

Anouck André: Sub n' Up Octaver Demo

Anouck André: Guitar Idol 8 - RED HANDED

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Anouck André: Nature Boy, Chord Melody

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Anouck André, Serge Lopez: acoustic duo

Lari Basílio, Irene Ketikidi, Anouck André, Laura Klinkert: Female International Rock Jam - Driving blues

Anouck André: interviewed by Tara Low from Guitar Girl magazine

Anouck André, Laura Klinkert: Gruv Gear NAMM 2014

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Anouck André: Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition

Anouck André,Federico Malaman: Gruv Gear booth at Musikmesse 2013

Anouck André,Laura Klinkert: Gruv Gear jam NAMM 2014

Anouck André: Ditto Looper x2 - new features demoed

Anouck André, David Wallimann: Franco American Jam

Laura Klinkert, Anouck André: jam in the Gruv Gear booth at NAMM 2014

NAMM: Awesome Girl Shredders meet up for the first time!