News: Fargen Amplification Launches Custom Shop Limited Edition Amps

Glen Drover‏: working on two albums simultaneously

Juan Martin Giancane: Scarified (Racer x cover) - pretty excellent cover from one of my favourite bands!

Sam Coulson: finger twister - Warm Up Lesson

Byron Fry: the new album is here.

Rune Berre: Jónás Tamás Topik Gitárverseny 2013 - great originality

Christian Muenzner: Official Site updated

Shane Gibson: Changing Lanes

Chris Broderick, Dave Mustaine :Megadeth's New Holiday Album - featuring Jenny Lewis

Alex Hutchings: Laney Amps and Young Guitar - series from Japan clinic show

Simon Goldsmith: Chocolate Cream Backing Track - C minor - 3,2,1 jam!

Gabi Ruta: Jamming on a SV Style BT - time to relax and kick out some jams