Jamie Glaser, Alex Machacek, Steve Vai, Steve Hunt: Allan Holdsworth - Memorial Video 1 of 5

Byron Fry: performing an impromptu mashup of Shenandoah and the Star Spangled Banner

Byron Fry, Kurt James: Now this is a Surreal orchestra I would love to see!

Byron Fry: Star Spangled Banner - 9-11

Byron Fry: FryberSpace - how to unlock the potential of your guitar's tone

Chris Buck, Byron Fry,Jay Setar: C B J by Tribus at the Carvin Event - top class fusion again

Byron Fry, Chris Buck, Jay Setar: Tribus the band have a new Facebook page

Chris Buck, Byron Fry,Jay Setar: CBJ great fusion on the Carvin stage in Santa Ana 2014

Byron Fry: enjoy an evening with Byron and his band - Guitar Center Clinic

Byron Fry: Band Live in Long Beach "It All Turns 'Round"

Byron Fry: with the Band Live in Long Beach It All Turns 'Round

Byron Fry: Pro Series - Byron talks about what it took to make his latest abum Explosive!

Byron Fry: Explosive the new album available globally on physical and download - Highly recommended

Byron Fry: the new album is here.

Byron Fry: The Chowderhead Theorem - snippet from the new album

Byron Fry: Guitar Center Clinic

Byron Fry: The second Explosive album on the way - check out the demo tracks

Byron Fry: Foxey Lady with Elvis Schoenberg's Orchestra Surreal

Byron Fry: Mathy rock / fusion beast

Byron Fry: Actual Proof - Funk / Fusion classic