Jason Becker: Man, I am blown away by all of you and your incredible kindness!

Man, I am blown away by all of you and your incredible kindness! I got involved in this EyeSpeak campaign because they asked me to help, and I wanted people who needed it to get it. I also thought it was the best communication idea of its kind I had seen so far for people in my situation. Of course, most of you know that I use my father’s communication system to talk and compose music. It is incredibly fast and I have been writing music for my new album. This EyeSpeak will be fascinating to try. I am so grateful to you all for making that possible, and for improving the quality of life for so many people. Thank you, Ivo Vieira and your team for this opportunity for me and everyone who will benefit!!

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EXCLUSIVE POSTACARD WITH FINGEPRINT OF JASON BECKER - You will receive an exclusive Card from Jason Becker with his fingerprint on, thanking you for helping him to get one EyeSpeak. If this reward reach 90 backers Jason Becker will receive one EyeSpeak. If this rewards reach 400 backers we will develop an APP for Jason Becker compose and play his songs with his eyes. And of course you will have your name and your photo on our website and receive our updates via email. Thank you for supporting Jason Becker and all of the team to change lives.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2014