Jonas Hörnqvist: Guitar clinic in Norway coming up this Saturday

Rick Graham: Slick Arpeggios - Lydian Doominant - super slick hybrid picking arpeggio sequence from hell!

Ignazio Di Salvo: Funk Impro to welcome in the new web site and clinic date!

Aaron MarshalI: presents: "The Escape" by Intervals

Andy James: Pentatonic Scale Guitar Lesson

Richard Tull: Unreleased CD "Fear" - killer guitar playing not to be missed

News: Kapoww Miniature Electric Guitars

News: Aristides Instruments Presents 010 Electric Guitar

Sam Bell: Working on NEW Mask of Judas material!

Hedras Ramos: Cort guitar clinic - Overdrive Guitar Magazine - announced for Thailand

Richie Allan: The Heavy Metal Ninjas added to Euroblast Festival Cologne Germany

Jack Gardiner: Morning Jam over a Mixolydian and a slice of toast

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Satchel solo and Death To All But Metal Bristol 2014

Curtis Fornadley: Out Of The Shell - new album available

Brian Carroll: Bucketheadland - City of Ferris Wheels - another album from the buckethead factory of music

Bruce Forman: Dean Markley USA Welcomes Jazz Guitarist to Artist Roster

News: Orange Amplification Announces Partnership With Camp Jam

Mick Jones: An Evening With Foreigner: Unplugged UK tour dates

Shawn Lane, Steve Smith: awesome audio of these two mavens playing Fire