Tom Quayle: Giant Steps- the middle bit of creamy goodness... cream tea for two!

Guthrie Govan,Scott Mishoe: Guthrie quote: "check out the guy Scottie Mishoe who is unbelievable good"

Gary Jibilian: Setar - Full Show - Paladino's Tarzana, CA

Peter Luha: Electric handmade guitar Sivcak VSS 049113

Joe Chawki: time to move to the chill out booth - kick out some Smoov ExtendaJams

Kiko Loureiro: Sibelius Fest 2014 - time to get your entries Venezuela!

Rick Graham: Hybrid hell - his pattern is genuinely horrible - so horrible it's genius!

Kikotapping: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3

George Lynch,Johnny Winter,Andy Timmons,Gary Hoey: announced for the Dallas Guitar Festival

Rory Gallagher: Patrick Eggle - JS Berlin Legend up for sale