Shawn Lane,Eric Gales: cool demo featuring Shawn shredding and Eric Grooving

Lorenzo Venza: Rick Graham style quick but slick lick

Gary Moore,Ray Russell: et al - Vibes From The Vines

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - Siren Sound - Guitar Playthrough

Remy Hansen: Ibanez FRM250MF - test driving my new 2014 Limited edition

Robert Brown: a very tasty improvisation on What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life

Richard Daudé: Blues Guitar Solo in Blue on Red - tastes good to me

Samuli Federley: DV Mark Multiamp - classy performance

Eric Johnson: Europe Live - Album Teaser

Martin Miller,Anton Davidyants, Sebastian Lanser: Live fusion concerts and jams April 2014

Bruno Monello: legato guitar improvisation over backing track - finger picked technique

Roland Kiss: #StringHeroes competition entry

Mattias IA Eklundh, Stuart Hamm, Atma Anur, Jason Becker: Recorded during the Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet in Haarlem (2011)

James Alan Shelton: Grammy-winning bluegrass guitarist loses battle with cancer. RIP