Ignazio Di Salvo: Triads - How to spice up your guitar phrasing

Jon Gomm: announces German tour dates

Robbert Hanenberg: Marshall JVM410h - Soloing over AJ BT - one word EPIC

Mick Jones: Foreigner - The Best of 4 & More’, is now available as an instant download

News: Metal All Stars will be rescheduling all European dates

Bryan Baker: heading back to Sweden early next Month

Tyler Blair: Scartographer - ÆTHEREA - djent rock metal progressive

Tyler Blair: Scartographer: Horizon - : djent progressive

Jason English: Transcend - Polymerase Chain - metal ambient djent progressive

Jason English: Transcend - Life Force Instrumental by Djent+Progressive+Groove artist

Ludwig Hanisch, Johannes Schäbel: Fragments - Fragments mini EP from Southern Djentalment

Arya Akbara: Methiums - Ylaviastu - new djent single