John Kiernan: Astraeus - Of Oceans - magnificent progressive metal

WOW: Customuse - absolutely stunning 3D printed guitars - still time to get them on your Christmas list?

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: Chromatic Extravaganza #1 - 12 tone blues - the king of hybridification

Doug Aldrich, Jack Blades, Deen Castronovo: Revolution Saints - new album release details - guest solo Neal Schon

Xander Demos: new track from compilation from Online Metal Promo

Robbert Hanenberg: Marshall JVM410h - Improvising over Heaven

Richie Kotzen: Canyon Club - 2014

Nick Johnston, Sam Coulson: first Skype interview from a new series by Sam Coulson

Tristan Klein: Korg Nuvibe - Ripping and Gripping

Jack Gardiner, Mikio Fujioka: Jam - Gaki Event 2014 - Tokyo

Dmitry Maloletov: Thread to Heaven - September - exquisite touch style guitar

Cameron Allen: Diminished Scale Lick Guitar Lesson

Sergey Golovin: Changes - Fire in the Hole! New album incoming - Boom!

Maru Martinez: Periphery - Totla mad - great guitar cover

Rick Graham: The Art Of Improvisation Guitar

Shawn Simmons: ProxyNOM - Eulogies For My Love