Richie Allan: Interstellar Abduction Playthrough

Tsuyoshi Hayashi: MI JAPAN Nagoya School GIT instructor

Steve Lukather: Toto XIV new album and Europe tour

Arek Religa: "777" - two guitars with piano tapping

NAMM: The latest news from the show floor

Lorenzo Venza: Tribal Tech - The Big Wave

Morten Faerestrand: Arpeggios Drilling - Maj7 - from the root

Rick Graham: Vibrato Technique Guitar Lesson

Kiko Loureiro: recording Young Guitar DVD- alt takes

Bruce Bouillet, Greg Marra: rehearsing Racer X song

Richie Kotzen: Cannibals the new release - and NAMM appearence

Rob Balducci: Majik Box - NAMM dates and times