Tony Martinez: Lsl tele, Carr Rambler and Jan Ray

Neil Zaza: I Spy - Alive In Denmark - Blu-Ray

Rick Graham: Some Lydian Legato Love

Jared Dines: Guitar Solo Contest

Davide Pagano: JTC Solo Contest 2015 - classy soloing

Lukasz Kulczak: sizzling solo for Jtc Solo Contest 2015

Ryuuta Sasaki: JTC Guitar Solo Contest 2015 - another hot solo!

Scott Jones: The bonus tracks With the Carvin HH2 available from bandcamp

Mateus Asato: JTC - 20 Licks Melodic Freedom - cool tones and playing styles

Akihiko Onji: stunning two handed solo for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Javier Reyes: ESP Guitars - signature LTD JR-608

Tom Quayle: Guitar Retreat Spain 2015 Promo

Sam Birchall: hybrid finger stretching performance for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Yohei Kimura: classy fusion entry for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Rick Graham: stunning Pedal Point/Hybrid Picking Lickage