Mario Camarena, Erick Hansel: CHON - Full Set - Audiotree Live in Austin 2015

Gus G: The Art of Brand New Revolution with Gustavo Sazes

Russ Parrish: Kramer Guitars and Steel Panther's Satchel create Pacer Vintage

Plini: first live show

Shawn Lane: Rice With Angels - on fire!

Gonçalo Pereira: snippets - saved from an ancient hard drive.

Tony MacAlpine: details on the stolen gear... if you see them ebay or craigslist or wherever... let Tony know

George Lynch: Lynch Mob - Believers Of The Day by Randy Gill Fisher Promotions Hummels Wharf 2015

Greg Howe: Workshop Live Russia 2004

Nott Sanpeth: Virgil Donati - Trinity Cover

Luis Galang: Waves by Guthrie Govan revisited

Geddy Lee: Explains His Right-Hand Picking Technique