Gianluca Ferro, ISAO Fujita: massive photo and video review of the show at Bridgewater 2015

Yohei Kimura : Original Song "Mirage" play through Carvin DC800

Andrey Bestolchenko: Hypertoad - The Unseen - new composition and play through - Ibanez AX7521

Randy Keith: Fusion III Take III -- Reds Turn - tasty legato with wide stretches

Gianluca Ferro: "Scale a 4 note per corda" - guitar lesson

Tristan Klein: it was only yesterday - you know it's the blues when the other guitar player doesn't turn up...

Hayato Imanishi: Cyclamen - Live "CYNIC Japan tour 2015"

James Hetfield: talks with EMGtv about guitars, pickups and more

Sebastian Rizzo, Scott Lienhard: Acacia Guitars: Studio Jams - Pro Series - tasty prog metal

Matt Schofield, Tomo Fujita: Moe Joe Vision - TCAN Center For Arts Natick, MA 2015

Prashant Aswani: Bogner Wessex Overdrive - majestic!

Virgil Donati, Andre Nieri, Braguinha: Jamming on Braga Riffs in Florianopolis, Brazil

Ulisses Miyazawa: Running With The Night - Steve Lukather´s guitar solo

Joe Pinnavaia: Connecting Chord Shapes for Guitar - Chord Runs

Chris Bieniek: Gaudy Glittery Green Gretsch Guitar Solo through a Taurus Amp

Dhalif Ali: WHDHALIFMT - Fun Improv Jams with my Suhr

Kee Marcello: Dead End Highway - Scunthorpe 2015