Nico Schliemann: more slick rock fusion tone from an Ibanez, Mesa & Two Notes Wall Of Sound 3

Jared Dines, Pete Cottrell: battle it out to see WHO SHREDS?!

Micky Lee: playing a little Funk Fusion Solo in Am on the backing track from JamTracksChannel

Ola Englund: announces Europe and South America Workshop/Clinic Tour 2015

Scott Mishoe: sizzling soloing from old jam session tape in 2003

Rob Chapman: Unboxing Two New Chapman Ghost Fret Guitars: Satin Black and Natural

Fran Alonso: Melodic Rock Impro - sweet AOR soloing

Carl Mörner Ringström: blows over some angry shredding for the Dirty Loops track "Hit Me"

Jason Spell: great guitar tips for guitar players at all levels

Eric Calderone: The Crow - Rooftop Solo Inferno - Tribute

Nick Johnston: Improv in China

Roberto Restuccia: blues and rock solo

Richard Hallebeek: TrueFire's Scale Creativity - Introduction to the series

Dhalif Ali: little improvisation and motifs from Marco Sfogli's Still Hurts track

Stéphan Forté, Franck Hermanny, Paul Wardingham: Sector A UNDEAD - (UNCENSORED)