Adrian Galysh: Pre-Order, and Be a Part of The Process!

Nott Sanpeth: Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel - two handed tapping etude

Francesco Fareri: Equilibrium Elements (Guitar Playthrough)

Tony Martinez: String Skipping Tapping Arpeggios Guitar Lesson with tab and backing track

Kerb Ohm: impressive Unison and Dubstep Guitar Style

Kiko Loureiro: La Marseillaise - Pray for Paris

Filipe Paiva: playing Out Of this World from Euphoria Album

Sam Bell: performs Electric Professor for The Electric Guitar Show

Tetsuya Mitani: Emerald Aisles - classic Stratocaster blaster performance

Sarah Longfield, Steve-O Wilkes: The Fine Constant - live show performance and latest tour dates