Tom Morello, Tony MacAlpine: special guest for the Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine!

Chris Kelly, Mike DeMaria: Alustrium - A Tunnel To Eden Guitar playthrough and hot gear overload!

Julien Damotte: with a smoking solo for a Sunday Afternoon One-take Jam

Jakub Zytecki: Disperse - Touching the Golden Cloud - Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France 2015

Vladimir Krylov: impressive improvisation on the track Guardian Angel by John Mclaughlin

Ben 8tapping: some pretty fluid 8 finger solo tapping performances

Enver Izmailov: 30 minutes of extraordinary performance for the enigmatic two handed guitar player

Juninho Afram: three ripping live performances from the Brazilian Expomusic 2015

Istvan Alapi: Spain and DV Mark Multiamp demonstration Budapest Music Expo 2015

Francesco Artusato: interviews with Metal Temple Magazine and Metal Wani

Matt Marshall: instrumental version of Hearteater - metalcore progressive djent from Burton Upon Trent, UK

Fayeed Tan, Anton Davidyants: Fran Merante - Tears of Joy

Gabriel Pietrzak, Zack Brannon, Connor Gilkinson: Perseus Octave progressive metal from Vancouver, British Columbia

Adam Aaron: The Ancient Mental - We Don't Need Order Guitar Playthrough - progressive guitar from Hong Kong