News: Guitar Addiction 2 - 60 of the most talented musicians - let this be your first album of 2016

Jared Dines: Christmas, does it djent?

Henri Aalto: Practising 8 finger tapping - Training my right hand to become equal with the fretting hand

Dmitry Andrianov: My new guitar - SD Teleseven - tasty rock fusion soloing

Franck Hermanny: Christmas Bass Solo - Silent Night, Holy Night

Robert Marcello: Kristmas Kracker - Kitchen Sink for Hughes & Kettner and GJ2 guitar

Gavin Iedema: Feeling dead - super smoking hot shredathon

Kristian Larsen: The Thief - super hot fusion promo video

Ozielzinho: 7 Themes drawings and games on guitar

Justin Liew: All The Things You Are on the Morten Faerestrand produced backing track

Adrian Weiss: Gloryful - ENGL TV - MetalMaster Head demo

Sanae Kitano: Five G - Bill Bruford - Holdsworth live and rehearsal