Jennifer Batten, Uli Jon Roth, Andy Timmons: Highlights - Ultimate Guitar Experience Tour scrapbook Feb, March, April 2016

Rémi Gallego: The Algorithm - Brute Force - Heavy Computer Music.

Axel Lindfors, Plini: Malaise - by Oceill - Part II of the Repose/Malaise suite.

Leo Diensthuber: Tectum Argenti - Divine Realm new album - instrumental progressive metal from Brockville Ontario

Al Joseph, Mohammad Aljasem: working on a new project called "Atman"

Diego Martínez: Nibiru from up coming album Cosmophobia 2016

Richard Daudé: Guitar Lick Lesson - Shred lick

Fredrik Thordendal: Meshuggah - new album, new tours for fall 2016