Al Joseph, Mohammad Aljasem: working on a new project called "Atman"

Al Joseph with Mohammad Aljasem.

So excited my buddy Mohammad is flying in this weekend to hang, turn up, and get some progress going on our new project called "Atman".

Check out his EP here. The guy is a mad man:
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Youtube: Aljasem Music

Mohammad Aljasem's Debut Release " Illusion "

Tracklist :

1. We Are 0:00
2. Perseverance 1:02
3. Melinda Paige 6:33
4. Interlude 10:35
5. Illusion March 12:08
6. AM 17:17

Engineered by : Emilio Arteaga and Joel Adams (2014)
Mixed by : Andrew Scott
Mastered at Systematic Production by : Ermin Hamidovic