Brandon Brown: Need To Go - Currently studying at Berklee College Of Music, Boston, USA.

Irene Ketikidi, Anthimos Manti, Sakis Dovolis: announce Athens Guitar Experience Fest 2016 for end of May

Akihiko Onji: Travel Guitar - Lapstick - awesome Holdsworthian Two-Hand Tapping

Peter Emmer: Beverly Craven-Promise Me - beautiful guitar playing and classy performance

Charlie Robbins: Syncatto - A Place to Dream - new album - progressive math rock from Fresno

Atanas Shishkov: "Modal Funk Fusion" - more classic two handed approach

Nott Sanpeth: Frozen with added tab and backing track - great composition and two handed tapping sequence

Jeff Kiesel, Ivan Chopik: Kiesel Guitars NAMM 2016

Joe Bonamassa: Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea II - Video Recap

Roger Pedersen: Guitar Madness ...and other nice songs new album available

Eric Gales: Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Cruise 2016

Josh Smith: with guests Joe Bonamassa and Eric Gales - Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Cruise 2016

Joe Bonamassa: Rabobank Theatre, Terrace Theatre and Saroyan Theatre California

Eric Steckel: Chambersburg, PA - great smoking blues rock performances from 2016

Benjamin Lechuga: ENGL TV - RockMaster Head demo no2 - tasty rock metal

Ola Englund: Musikmesse Center stage 2016

Christie Lenée: Live on Music City Roots Nashville - brilliant two handed acoustic tapping tune

Eric Johnson: Teaches Chord Technique

pARTyzant: super tapper is back with another great two handed performance

Ed DeGenaro, Atma Anur: DeGenaro/Anur - Big Arsh Blonde

Luís Kalil: shredding it up with some burning licks for his New Album 2016

Romain Pilon: Head and improvisation on one of my favorite Wayne Shorter tune - stunning guitar!

Ben Higgins: Pantheon - new album details

Lee Luland: Prospekt - Cosmic Emissary Solo - short but awesome

Jack Thammarat: Shadows And Light - JamTrackCentral

Kirill Konyaev: Padalka Guitars - "Neptune" review

Drewsif Stalin: DOOM E1M1 - Metal Remix - Legator Ninja 300 Pro 8 String - Awesome!

Michael Sobin: Forgetting Dreams - melodic instrumental

Raj Krishna,Blake Rurik: OmnisighT Power of One EP teaser trailer 2016 - progressive metal