Charlie Robbins: Syncatto - A Place to Dream - new album - progressive math rock from Fresno

A Place to Dream
by Syncatto

1. Totem 03:44
2.Beyond Imagination 04:14
3.Translation 04:04
4.Dream Sequence I (Exposition) 05:27
5.Dream Sequence II (Development)04:16
6.Dream Sequence III (Crisis) 04:01
7.Dream Sequence IV (Lysis) 02:21

"A Place to Dream" is the follow-up to Syncatto's debut album, "A Place to Hide". The album is comprised of 7 tracks/four songs spanning the duality of dream and reality. The final song, "Dream Sequence", is the musical rendition of a dream. It is split between four tracks, paralleling the four parts of a dream: Exposition, Development, Crisis, and Lysis. Each section represents a new layer of the dream with recurring melodies and progressions throughout, extending across each new layer. These imitate the object's and motiffs which persist in our own dreams.
released May 14, 2016

Mixed by Charlie Robbins
Mastered by Cody Fuentes
Album artwork by Mo A Younes

Guest Saxophone solos (Dream Sequence) written and played by Ryan Yamaoka.
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