Alex Hutchings, Jack Thammarat: Live performance -Yamaha show in Bangkok 2016

Maria Barbieri: Jam Session on funk-rock style

Saaghs Dantas: Bach Suite 1 BWV 1007 - for his son

t-cophony: In corner - two hands - two necks

Josh Smith: Letting You Go - Filmed by Linda Moke in HD 1080

Chris Feener: NGD Jam - Feener on fire - '98 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Brandon Brown: The Eclipse - Original tune featuring Jack Zondlo on Bass and Leah Bluestein on Drums - impressive progressive rock

Frank Pilato: Live - Rock Fusion Improvisation

Alex Hutchings: in Singapore talking about what motivates his playing

Daniel Weiss: Square To Check - Take Away

Victor Wooten: the Hartke TX600 Bass Amplifier