Joe Marro: Before The Foundation - Restoration - Guitar Playthrough

Jon Rose, Jentzen Flaskerud: Day of Wrath, Miserae - Pathways

Eugene Mantulin: UNITE - The Box - guitar playthrough

Buster Odeholm: Humanity's Last Breath - Ocean Drinker - Guitar Playthrough - deathcore metal from Helsingborg

Marco De Francesco: "I'm Invisible" - guitar playthrough from 4 track EP. - tasty tones

Connor Reibling: Golden Calf - Store Omega Virus - The Weeping Earth

Dean Wells: TERAMAZE - For The Innocent - Guitar Playthrough

Nadav Lavi, Yoav Efron: Kharon - Nova Djent Instrumental - Guitar & Keyboard Playthrough

Javier Reynes, Biel Bestard: Zerobyte - Cogito Ergo Sum

Vlady Yakovenko, Daniele Ravaglia: He Comes Later - "From The Abyss" Guitar Playthrough

Jesse Zuretti: Binary Code Taken from Binary Code's 'MOONSBLOOD'.

Dylan Furr: Awakened Guitar Solo

News: ElectroPhonic Unveils Innovative Electric Guitar and seeks artist evaluators.

Steve Hunter: Camellia - hear the full version, recorded in 1980 and mixed for this release in 2016 by Steve Hunter himself.

News: 660 Guitars Unveils CT/52 Guitar

Gretchen Menn, Angeline Saris: Zepparella - Malibu Guitar Festival - 2016 - Jack Lue Series

Annie Grunwald: Mercuriall U530 Guitar Sim Demo

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: Upcoming Shows with The Iron Maidens this month!

John McLaughlin: Summer Tour and Limited Edition Poster