Leonardo Guzman: Big Tones - Late Night Improv over Rick Graham's BT

Jarle H Olsen: Domination Of Phrygia! monster soloing!

Kelly Simonz: Little Savage - Yngwie Malmsteen - 46th Birthday Concert

Michael Lee Firkins: "Sweep & Blues Phrasing" - Guitar Lesson

Kiko Loureiro: Jazz Metal Brasilero show announced in Bucharest

Derryl Gabel: Guest Solo on NIDK with Mike Stern, Frank Gambale and Oz Noy

Jon Finn, Joe Hart, Steve Marchena: You Shook Me jam

Kirk Fletcher: How to make a Blues Guitar Solo

Alfred Potter: "Red Shift" E mixolydian Solo

Federico Zuccarelli: Construct Paradise - Haunt Me - Guitar Playthrough

Andy Timmons, Jonatha Bastos: impromptu version of Cry For You!!! - amazing performance

Cynthia Maalouf: Fender Telecaster Elite Thinline 2016

Ola Englund: Mooer Blade Distortion - Quick test

Katalina Gonz√°lez: OverDrive SD1 BOSS