Anthony Lipari, Tom Geldschläger: Thoren - Brennenburg new album pre order

Wayne Calford: Existence - the shredding progressive metal album available now!

Ivano Icardi: announces classy new release "So Far Away"

Dylan Furr: Signature DF-1000 Claas Guitar Interview Q & A : Part 2

Travis LeVrier: Playthrough for Entheos' 'New Light'

Francofer Colque: Tooth Hurt - This is my first instrumental song

Kelly Simonz: Fender special event Miyaji instrument LaLaport Tachikawa Tatsuhi shop

t-cophony: Snow storm - Guitar Playthrough - 2016

Fran Alonso: Impro with my James Tyler and Kemper.

Jose Macario: wins Strandberg Guitar Competition 2016

Marko Volk, Janez Zakošek, Grega Gorenšek: Philammon - Fusion produced by world renowned Alex Argento

Masahiro Aoki: G5 Project 5th Album "G5 2016" will be available on November 2 - Pre Order

Roberto Restuccia: Blues with a stratocaster

Mattias IA Eklundh: exceptionally proud and happy to present the dates for next year's Freak Guitar Camp 2017

Sam Birchall: Pau EP available for Pre Order

Richard Hallebeek: Steve Vai European Guitar Award

Warleyson Almeida, Emily Hastings: Highway Star on a Wylde Audio Warhammer and Wylde Audio Viking!

Irene Ketikidi: Matt performance with full live band

Haykuhi Khachatryan, David Grigoryan: Sacred Storm