Felix Martin, Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - American tour dates with Felix Martin

Alex Hutchings: BOSS UK Masterclasses

Michael Angelo: Guitar Shred (2015)

Marco Sfogli: Introduces The MSM1

Chris Brooks: "Abyss" lick based on Yngwie Malmsteen's See You In Hell

Tosin Abasi: Guitar Center Presents - Sound Set-Up

Vanny Tonon: The Fanatic Tourist of Love

Carl Mörner Ringström: "Casting For Gravity" - remix of a remix

Richard Cruden: "Giants Rest" Melodic Rock Guitar Backing Track

Anita Weisz: Guitar Idol 2016

Maranhão: Hybrid Eyes - live Expomusic 2016

Ignazio Di Salvo: The Challenge of life *New Original Song* Playthrough

Francesco Fareri: Crystal Space feat. Lorenzo Feliciati (ESP E-II TB7)

Nick Johnston: Fear Had Him by the Throat

Cameron Allen: "Artifact" - opening track from my upcoming new album

Sam Bell: Departure Lounge new tune

Simon Girard, Kevin Chartré: Beyond Creation - Live in Fredericton

Maycown Reichembach: Quantum Orchestra - Flying Elephant | MusicOff Artist Showcase

Ian Ethan Case: Slow Burn - featuring Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra

Krisztián Lovrek: First try of Ibanez JS2k PLT

Joe Basilio: Hold on! - original performance playthrough

Vinai Trinateepakdee: New Horizon pre-order now at Jamtrackcentral