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*NEW* Vinai T's 'New Horizons' |
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The ‘Melody Maker’ himself, Vinai T returns with his brand new track titled ‘New Horizons’! This incredible new song really highlights what we love most about Vinai’s playing; a focus on inspirational yet catchy melodies, mixed with a virtuosic approach to composition and guitar technique. This is a player who really knows how to bring out his strengths on the instrument to create amazing songs that will stick in your head, and make you want to grab your guitar every time!

This song features plenty of essential guitar techniques and is an exemplary performance showing you how to incorporate everything from slides, bends, and vibrato to hammer ons, pull offs and alternate picking seamlessly into one epic track!

You can learn each and every note of this wondrous song using the accurate JTC TAB/Notation alongside the full video, audio tracks, and track notes. Then, when you’ve got it all down we have the full backing track for you to practise and jam over!

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Vinai Trinateepakdee - New Horizons (Original) **pre-order now at Jamtrackcentral