Tom Quayle, Andy Timmons: Season 4 Episode 6 live interview with Andy Timmons

John Huldt: The Longing - Come On - Play Through

Brad Bradbury: A great backing track - Epic Dream Theater Backing Track, Db Lydian/A Minor/E Minor

Steph Goyer: Guitar solo from "The Drought"

Pierre Danel,Nicolas Hørbacz: Kadinja Shades, GLHF and Dominique Heart Sound Metal Fest 2017

Nat Janoff: live Group - 13/03/2017

Timo Somers: Think - I made a song to inspire people to sit down and think for a little while

Juny Lee: Room 335, Deja blue - superb live performances

Mika Tyyskä, Troy Grady: Explains - How Much Gain is Enough?