Dario Lorina: Seymour Duncan Palladium, Andromeda and PowerStage 170

Jamie Humphries: Tone Sessions – Rectoverb 25 1x12 Combo – "Ed's Boogie"

Nick Johnston: Signature guitar - The Atomic Green Wenge Neck and a Macassar Ebony Fretboard 2017

Joel Hoekstra: "Electric Fields" at Ziua Chitarelor guitar festival in Costanza, Romania.

Chris Brooks: Why sweep a 3 string Triad like this?

Atanas Shishkov: High-5 by Frank Gambale - soloing in two handed style - Ibanez FGM300 Green Metallic 1994, Japan

Vincenzo Grieco: Funky Blues playing - Fender Stratocaster 71' + Kemper

Damian Salazar: Virtuous Melodies of a guitarist on the street

Sam Bell: Muted Legato fun and jam session

Isao Fujita: Digest of the performance for Mana Iwanaga live at the Silver Elephant 2017

Charlie Robbins: announces new band Artificial Language and new album The Observer

Brett Garsed: Tribute To Allan Holdsworth (HD)

Ryuuta Sasaki: Announces new album "Follow the Feeling"

Pierre Danel: ÆRIS performing "VISIONS" from the upcoming album Ascend/Transcend

Adam Ironside: Music Owes You Nothing

Fidel De Jesus: Xeno Devata Project - new song preview

Mohini Dey, Gergo Borlai: Bassist Mohini Dey is back with another impressive performance with Gergo Borlai on drums.

Pinxi Liu: YoYo - Extreme Neoclassical - Muris Varajic - 10 year old back to shred again!

Julian Lage: jazzahead! 2017 – Julian Lage Trio

Kurt James: Unknown Fusion Trio James-Berry-Seaborn - 19 years old

Timo Somers: Aristides 060 Anthem - Sky Blue Gold, with Official Floyd Rose bridge and EMG 57/66 pickups