Jamie Humphries: Tone Sessions – Rectoverb 25 1x12 Combo – "Ed's Boogie"

Mesa Artist Jamie Humphries wrote & performed this EVH-styled tune through the Rectoverb 25 1x12 combo in his home studio. This video is a great showcase of how useful the 10 watt setting can be for great recorded tones at fairly low volumes. Jamie recorded the guitar tracks with neighbors close by and received no complaints!

The first chorus and solo section were recorded with the Vintage mode in Ch. 2. Vintage offers warm, smooth high gain that easily delivers the classic brown sound for rhythm playing while also remaining vocal and sweet with single note solo sounds. During the middle breakdown section, Jamie switched to Ch. 1 and the Pushed mode with the Gain control cranked for a more overdriven crunch tone that can work as a clipped or dirty clean, a low-wattage purring drive, or fire-breathing, gut punching classic rock gain - all depending on your pick attack.

Played through an original Music Man EVH model with Dimarzio pickups directly into the 1x12 Rectoverb 25 combo with a Fillmore 75 speaker. Mic’d with a Heil PR40.

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Tone Sessions: Jamie Humphries – Rectoverb 25 1x12 Combo – "Ed's Boogie"