Josh Martin: Little Tybee's "Tuck My Tail" Verse - under strumming technique

Allan Holdsworth: Scheila Gonzalez and Holdsworth getting a buzz from the soloing - ZPZ @ Anaheim HOB

Sergey Kasinec: Improvising - Solos - new ideas

Dan James Griffin: Where The Lines Join - Guitar Playthrough

David Preston, Kevin Glasgow, Laurie Lowe: Preston Glasgow Lowe - Elephant & Castle - Live in Japan @ Billboard Live TOKYO

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #124 - B7b9 Fill

Warren DeMartini: RATT shredder gets a Q&A At The Music Zoo

Morgan Reid: Djent song 2017

Mico Ong: Funkin' punkin' in Am7

Ryuuta Sasaki: ZOOM G3n Loop test

Rob Guz: working with 11-stringed rendition of Tokyo Dream (A. Holdsworth)

Cameron Allen: Questions Without Answers live from Ex Nihilo album

Adam Rafowitz, Adam Bentley: Arch Echo - "Arch Echo" (Full Album Stream)

Al Ridgway: Spocktrometer and acid jazz and neo soul guitar at its' ripping best!

Fernando Molinari, Bruno Valverde, Davi Filho: Tropical Rain - Built by Elements - top notch fusion with incredible bass