Eric Johnson: Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA | June 5, 2017

Koyuki: Incredible Fingerstyle Guitar from Sound Messe 2017

Mana Iwanaga, Isao Fujita, Ebata Kohe: Mana Iwanaga leader live digest @ Kichijoji Elephant Silver Elephant

Chizuru Segawa: Segawa Maeda Watanabe - Blues Prog Rock vs Jazz Fusion Night!!

Rafa De La Garza: Kaguu - Hawkridge -math rock band with album art by Yvette Young

Dmitry Ramanouski: Essence of Datum: Nevermore new album days away from arrival

Derryl Gabel: Allan Holdsworth: House of Mirrors

Richard Daudé: super extended finger-tapping arpeggios

Andy Timmons, Martin Miller: Minor Blues Jam and Are you an endorsement whore with Levi Clay

Claudio Pietronik: Seven Lions - improvised guitar solo over this short extract from the tune: "The Journey"

Richard Padrón: Trio Live - excerpt from an original composition "Camino Real" - ripping jazz fusion live

Antonello Giliberto: The Making Of "The Strategy Of Chaos"

Michael Romeo: Eve Of Seduction, Children Of A Faceless God and Bastards Of The Machine live solos Madrid 2011

Marty Friedman, Takayoshi Ohmura: death battle - Guitar Duel In Madrid

Dhalif Ali, Stel Andre, Pellumb Qerimi, Widek: It All Starts From Pieces by Distant Dream - cracking new album

William Greene: Myriad - Obscure Revisited - two handed tapping etude on extended range guitar

Andee Blacksugar: Guacamole Supernova - Sheer Velocity

Luca Mantovanelli: Mapping The Modes: Complete Box Set

Lee Wrathe: Tranquil Soul - Recommended chillax with relaxed guitar improvisations from the Tranquil forests of Nottingham