Sean McKee: Strandberg Fusion 2017 model - demo

Dylan Reavey: .Strandberg* Guitar Competition 2017 - WINNER

Poh Hock Kee: Remember Shakti Live - Caruna

Nili Brosh: Minor7b5 Pentatonic

Matt Powell: plays Andy James - Days Gone By

Chris Broderick: Act Of Defiance "Misinformation Age" Verse Riff | Gear Gods

Derek Sherinian, Ron Thal: Studio Outtake "Opus Maximus" Solo

Ayu Gusfanz : Ultimate Sweep Picking Intro - Josh Middleton

Christian Clemente: Insane Guitar Solo 2

Marshall Harrison: Friday Night Livestream and Guitar Hangout - double delight of musical insight

Alejandra Mesliuk: Tirando el Carro - Victory Amps, The Sheriff 22 - original composition

Joe Satriani: Energy - first track of the album "What Happens Next"

Jeremy Krull: The Friedman Butterslax - awesome tones

John Petrucci: Ernie Ball Music Man Monarchy Majesty Series