Jeremy Krull: The Friedman Butterslax - awesome tones

Some time ago, the excellent folks at Friedman and I put some ideas together for a new video showcasing the Butterslax amplifier. The amp was designed with Bill Kelliher from the band Mastodon and is a three channel EL34 design and ranges in textures and gain stages from mild to absolute mayhem. It's very much in the British JCM800 style and technically doesn't even have a clean channel, but as you'll see and hear, it was quite versatile and is also incredibly fun to play.

No boost or overdrive pedals used in front of the amp, all guitars straight in.

Stay tuned after the music to check out examples of the sweep of all of the controls for all of the channels of the amp.

All music written, performed, produced, and engineered by me.

All video shot and edited by me.

The Friedman Butterslax with Jeremy Krull