Eric Steckel: La Grange @ Kulturrampe - Krefeld - 2018.10.18

Vahagn Stepanyan: "Motion" by Vahagn Stepanyan featuring Ida Nielsen & Eric Moore

Linda Taylor: ProAnalog Devices Manticore Overdrive V. 2

Chris Gordon: Chilling on some grooves before the midnight shift at the Radio Station

George Lynch: Test Driving The Friedman Dirty Shirley 40 watt

Tim Henson, Scott Le Page: Polyphia Intro and Inale Live // Nlnd Tour in Japan 2018

Greg Koch, Rory Gallagher: Fender Custom Shop Artist Series Rory Gallagher Stratocaster • SN: R92473

Alex Stornello, Frank Gambale: Frankness - first collaboration from 1998

Dhalif Ali: Mayones Regius Core 6 V24

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Akroasis LIVE at Greenhouse

Ariel Ferreyrola: Impro Dolly OverDrive Argie Fx.