Liam Garcia: Young Guitarist of the Year 2019 Finalist

Dylan Reavey: Guitarist of the Year 2019 Winner -

Yamato Mori: Young Guitarist of the Year 2019 Winner-

Keven Eknes: "Diminished Blues" (Original) -

Mateus Asato: Kyoto (Live at Taipei Jazz Festival 2019)

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Audio Lab - Stacking Multiple Rhythms With Konnakol

Andre Nieri: Virgil Donati Band - Piranha Bar, September 12th 2019

Matteo Mancuso: Joe Pass - Night and Day - solo transcription

Gianluca Ferro: Creative Progressive Guitar @ Rock Guitar Academy

Mark Lettieri: Point Iz (Things of That Nature)

Alex Hutchings: Fusion On Fire , G&L Blues and FLYING #11 NuVo Tele

Michael Dolce: outro solo "You're the voice"

Tom Quayle: Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander | Review

Jake Howsam Lowe, Jake Willson, Rohan Stevenson: Refuge - Official CatThrough

Greg Howe: demos and talks about his new signature amp 'DV Little GH 250 Tube'

John Petrucci: Live Show at SEGA European Guitar Award 2019

Larry Mitchell: Unforgotten - Knaggs 'Severn X' Tier 2 Demo

Jen Majura: plays... "Cerberus" by Ola Englund

Ayu Gusfanz: Dream Theater - Barstool Warrior and Joe Satriani - Cryin'

Ironbunny: Struggle Lover Live M.V. official

Yuki, Seiji: D_Drive performance at MusicChina2019.

Ron Thal, Billy Sheehan, Derek Sherinian, Mike Portnoy: Sons Of Apollo - MMXX - New Album Pre Order

Michael Angelo Batio: The Park Oak Park 11/02/2019

Daisuke Kunita: DIY "Frontline"

Levin Glasgow: Preston Glasgow Lowe - HWH (Bass Solo) - Jazz In The Round, London

Andy Timmons, Johnny Beane: Talking Guitars and ‘80s Metal LIVE 2019

Arkadiusz Gałka: Line 6 Helix Vox AC30 Lead Sound - Fender Stratocaster Deluxe HSS

Vinnie Moore: UFO - Jergels - Live Near Pittsburgh - 2019

Wagner Silva: No Limits - Rock instrumental

Charlie Robbins: "Endless Naught" Playthrough - Artificial Language - Kiesel Guitars