Ferry Akerina: Moluccan Jazz Guitar

Dave Martone: Flatulence Farm and Santana vs Malmsteen

George Marios: Jammy Jams - the jammy dodgers of guitar jams

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: Mr Big Texas 1992 series

Pat Metheny: The Orchestrion Project

Tom Quayle,Andy Mclaughlin: Wishaw Jam

Claudio Tristano: The Underachiever - the Baked Potato

Alex Hutchings: Into the Fire - Roland Experience

George Lynch: Access Denied

Daniele Gottardo, Marcello Zappatore: Four Arts jam session series

Alex Lifeson, Vinnie Moore: Sweden Rock Festival fills out

Jeff Loomis: A Liar's Chain

Daniele Gottardo: Four Arts Academy clinic